Sunday Morning Meltdown (Victor Records) 2018
Vinyl from Victor Records.
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Lost Keys (Independent) 2015
From CD Baby
Circle 'Round The Sun (Independent) 2013
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Simplify (Independent) 2011
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Simplify (Blue Rose Records - Blue Rose Edition & Vinyl) 2011
Solo (Independent)2009
Available by Mail Order Paypal Only
Nevermind My Blues (Ropeadope Records) 2007
Available at Ropeadope Records
Calico (SCI Fidelity Reocrds) 2005
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In Case I'm Gone Tomorrow (Independent) 1999
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Almost Speechless (Columbia Records) 1995
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Soar  (Independent) 1993
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Self Titled (Blue Rose Records) 2006
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Southern Canon (Blue Rose Records) 2010
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Wire & Wood (USR) 2012

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Heartbreak Superstar (Blue Rose Records) 2013

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Live Europe 2012 (Blue Rose Records) - Audio Only 2013

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Live Europe 2012 (Blue Rose Records) - DVD/CD Package

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Ivy (Blue Rose Records) - 2016

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We Have All Been Here Before (Blue Rose Records) - 2018

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Better Left Broken (Sonata Cantata Records) 2010
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Slow Roller 2009
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In The Pocket Live (ITP) 2013
(Featuring "Change Reation" by Robert Hazard & "Wide Awake on the Highway"
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