Ben Arnold - A concert in your home

Looking for a new and different way to gather your friends together for an evening? How about an intimate live concert in your home. C'mon! Everyone's doin' it. Invite a couple dozen (or more!) of your peeps over. Have some social time, a few drinks, something to eat and then a private performance. Pass a hat around to help defray your (rather low) costs and for sure, a good time will be had by all. Email to any requests.


Here's some great reviews from a couple very satisfied hosts:

"The night was magical and Ben and his fabulous guitar player Matt were the magic.  A good friend of mine texted me early the next morning saying "Best night of the year!  Thanks for the warm and cozy feeling."  She told me later in a phone call that the night was so special, it may stay the best night of the year.  In addition to being crazy talented, Ben was very conversational and real.  Everyone loved his music but also really enjoyed him as a person. It was a very special musical experience. We loved every bit of the evening and highly recommend having Ben Arnold perform in your home."
-C. & M. Attara

"Can't thank you enough or begin to tell you how awesome the show was!
Our concert Saturday night with the incomparable BEN ARNOLD has to rank among the most enjoyable music shows we’ve ever attended. Truly a remarkable evening all around. We hope you all enjoyed a similar experience. Ben’s great song writing and soulful singing, complimented by his humor, charm and great rapport with the audience left everyone raving about the show. Ben made our night by claiming this one of the “Top 5” House Concerts he’s played and even offered to return with full band for an outdoor concert this summer. Awesome!!"
- B. Holland 
Great little piece from Philadelphia Inquirer on House Concerts: