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US Rails

US Rails - With Scott Bricklin, Tom Gillam & Matt Muir


In the chaotic world of a rock band, 6, 8 or 10 years is a respectable lifetime.
However, US Rails, Blue Rose Records' own super-group has set its sights on being more than just another short-lived entry in the music history books and continues to gain new fans, touring regularly in Europe, as well as in the United States.  With 3 studio releases and a handful of live CD'S no one could fault the US Rails if they decided to take a break, but then again, US Rails are not just any band, and taking a break is simply not an option.  

In late 2015, US Rails, who formed originally in Philadelphia, PA (USA) streamlined down to a quartet of founding members Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin, Tom Gillam and Matt Muir with the amicable departure of Joseph Parsons. Arnold, Bricklin and Gillam have all released solo albums on Blue Rose as well over the past year, and toured on their own. 

In the meanwhile, the band has been continuing  work on their most ambitious work to date, "Ivy". Like the vine itself, the band is enduring, growing, insistent, and full of life. Slated for a summer 2016 release, "Ivy" features the uniquely American sound that US Rails fans are familiar with. Containing the very comfortable elements of rock, soul, folk and the echos of mid 70's Southern California, their voices still blend beautifully and are the focus, front and center of almost every track.  US Rails looks forward to taking "Ivy" on the road this fall with dates in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland. 
While all of the members of the 'Rails continue careers in music separate from the band, when inspiration strikes, there is an undeniably strong musical bond. There is still much to be said, energy to feed off of and right now there is no reason for this train to come to a stop any time soon!



The new record from US Rails "Ivy" will be released on September 23, 2016 on Blue Rose Records! SEE FALL 2016 TOUR DATES


Quite possibly the first of the 'Rails to release music in Europe, Ben Arnold made his first trip over in the mid 90's while signed to Columbia Records. Though he only returns there occasionally, in the Northeast of the U.S. he has built a slow and steady cult following, consistently releasing new and different sounds and playing countless shows each year. Known for his Randy Newman-esque piano and guitar stories of challenge, failure and redemption, bluesy and indie collide in Ben's rusty throated soulful growl. Always busy doing something music, he is also the lead singer for the Los Angeles based band Pistol For Ringo along with US Rails drummer Matt Muir.

Singer, bassist, guitarist - ist - ist - ist, producer, provocateur Scott Bricklin is simply a musicians musician. Soulful riot, screamer, dreamer and believer, Scott lives as an expat in Paris, France. A student of all British Invasion, Beatles and Stones. He was the driving creative force behind two other U.S. major label bands in the 80's and 90's and, where would the soundtrack to "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" be without him!?

New Jersey was home to Tom Gillam for years. Rock and roll guitar was Tom's weapon. That was until Gillam discovered the country-fried licks and chicken fried temperatures of Austin, TX. Practically a discographic encyclopedia of all things rock, pop and soul music pre 1975, Tom is a master electric slide player and a wailing singer fronting his own Texas based band Tractor Pull, playing shows all over, from The Lone Star State, to Europe and beyond. Delivering essentially the same rock 'n roll message he always has, just with a little more twang!

Some drummers are just along for the ride. Matt Muir has his CDL. He has played every role in this band from studio rat to writer, co-producer and singer. His swinging sound and engaging grin behind the kit is just a small part of what Matt brings to the US Rails. Ben Arnold and Matt Muir both continue to kick it out living Philadelphia, PA.

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