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Pistol fOR Ringo: BETTER LEFT BROKEN on iTunes now!


One of my other band projects, Pistol fOR Ringo has just release a 5 song EP "BETTER LEFT BROKEN" on Sonata-Cantata Records. It is available now on iTunes. PLEASE check it out! HERE!!

Pistol is....
Named after a classic Spaghetti Western and completely unrelated to the Fab Four (although if Ringo wants to roll around town 'strapped', we sure as hell aren't going to judge), 'Pistol for Ringo' is back after 2003's wildly successful "Solid State Neo-Hedonist". Featuring original members Brian Murphy, Shane Smith, and Steve Arm, Pistol for Ringo have really grown into an indie-rock collective adding Philly-based singer-songwriter, Ben Arnold, and band-mate Matty Muir. A perfect example of the 'rich getting richer' (but in a cool non-Reaganomics way). 

Playing everywhere from hipster joints in the 213-area code to opening for an S&M show in Vegas (not joking), Pistol 4 Ringo's live shows are as unpredictable as their music. Just one of many reasons they have endeared themselves to indie rock fans and the college music charts.

Soooo, what's the future for Pistol for Ringo you ask (and we're glad you did)??? Working with famed producer Manny Nieto, along with musical contributions from the likes of Dave Catching and Rob Barbato, Pistol for Ringo proves they are indeed not "Better Left Broken." 



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