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Meet the new baby..."Sunday Morning Meltdown"!! BUY THE VINYL.

It's been a while since I've signed on here what with websites becoming, what I'm told, is a bit more obsolete than the more up to the minute social media out there. 

I've had a very busy summer and I'm gearing up for an out of control fall and winter. First off, I'll be releasing my newest record "Sunday Morning Meltdown" soon. I'm gonna say it's uh...a lot more political and spiritual than you've heard from me in the past but a great listen with a really honest look at the world we/I am living in right now. I love these songs and we've been playing quite a few of them out recently and they crush with the live band. I know you're going to find something to love hear too. Even if you're not aligned with my message, you're gonna jump on the music itself. 

Coming up quickly I've got TWO European tours. The first is with Light Of Day.  I toured with them last year and had a fantastic journey spreading the word, raising awareness for Parkinsons and related diseases "Though the awesome power of music!" This year I'll be out with "Jersey" Joe D'Urso, original Springsteen drummer Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez, and the great songs and voices of James Maddock, Jeffrey Gaines and the sturdy Rob Dye on guitar. Dates below.

After a short stop back in Philly for the holidays and all of the US Light Of Day shows, US RAILS will launch a new record and a long Europe tour at the top of February through the middle of March. Tour dates TBA. All in all, a crazy time and a busy Ben.

Hope we see you around!

The latest solo release "Lost Keys" is already drawing very positive reviews nationally and is in rotation quite regularly on Philadelphia's WXPN Radio. Featuring the songs "Stupid Love", "Nobody Hurtin' Like Me" and "When Love Fades Away, it is a collection of material drawn from the music of Motown, Stax, The Sound of Philadelphia and street corner Doo-Wop. WXPN Radio says "Lost Keys" is "A sleek and soulful work from a refined tunesmith. The brass arrangements paired with his husky baritone recall The Afghan Whigs’ New Orleans-rooted LP 1965; his self-described “sad guy drinking alone at the bar” ballads .(“Nobody Hurtin’ Like Me”) have a bit of Closing Time-era Tom Waits in them; and his pop nuggets are impossibly poppy, like the Randy Newman-esque bounce of “Stupid Love” that, I guarantee you, will be stuck in your head in the best possible way!" 


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